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HEALKids supports multiple projects financially and runs a number of projects by itself in Myanmar. For the past 8 years, HEALKids have already set up so many projects throughout Myanmar that we were unable to visit every project. But, the projects we visited were so special that we could make a video about each separate project. While visiting these projects, it became clear to us how important their work is. Myanmar has the third lowest spend on education and health care in the world. In addition, Myanmar is the poorest country in South-East Asia and 32% is living below poverty line.

Projects HEALKids

HEALKids focuses on different aspects. They realized water wells and toilets and make medical care more accessible through the construction of a number of clinics. They also finance medical treatments.

In addition, they have now built 28 schools in the most remote and poor areas, so education is also accessible in these areas. We visited one of these schools on one hour driving from Bagan. The villagehead here showed us his village and it felt like we were 200 years back in time. The people here are completely self-sufficient and drive around with a wooden car pulled by an ox. There is no electricity and they cook on the ground. And then suddenly there is a school in the middle of the village, where these children can get education, even though they live in such a remote area.















Starfish Centre Yangon

In addition, they run the Starfish Centre in Yangon. Here, 100 children with special needs, including children with Down and Autism, get specialized education. It is nice to see how these children can be themselves no matter what. Without shame, they are doing what they want. And it's good to see that these kids also get the chance to get proper education.

Feeding program

Another project we have visited is a feeding program in Pyin Oo Lwin. This program was set up by Patrick three years ago and is now sponsored by Heal Kids. A very friendly and wise man with Buddhist convictions. He is convinced that you can only be happy in life if you are committed to help others. And this beautiful thought he applied by setting up different feeding programs for the poor children and for a large number of nuns. He ensures that they receive nutritious food once a week. A big success to the extent that the children do better at school, are less ill and look healthier.
















Street Children in Mandalay

Finally, we visited a street children program in Mandalay. These children are orphans or have been abandoned by their parents. Sometimes they have to take care of themselves on the street from the age of four. Many are addicted to sniffing glue or commiting small crimes. Father Peter gives these children a chance for a better future by giving them shelter, education, food and a lot of love. Because that's really what these lovely kids need. It was a special, fun but also confronting day. A confrontation with the hard reality that in this world young kids are living on the streets without parents, money, education and, in some cases, with an addiction.


The two sides of Myanmar

Looking back on our adventure in Myanmar, we can truly say that it is a very beautiful and special country. The kindness of the locals is unprecedented. Tourism increases but is minimal, which makes their culture so pure. Everyone is willing to do something for someone else without asking something back. But the beauty also has its downside. The country has long been isolated from the outside world because for 60 years is was under the rule of its military regime. Because of this, their economy and social developement is low. There is still a lot to be achieved, but fortunately there are organizations around like Heal Kids who help them out a little bit. And you can help them!

Volunteers and Trainees

First, they need volunteers who can help and train the local staff in the Starfish center. Here, they focus on giving specialized education to children with special needs. So if you are looking for a traineeship or volunteer program and you are specialized in this field, let us know via our contact form. Or directly contact HEALKids via their website.


Besides exchanging knowledge, they always need donations to continue with their programs in Myanmar. Do you want to help the children in Myanmar financially? Donate via the form below and your money will be transferred to Heal Kids directly.

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