April 30, 2016

Our story

About Care4Needs

Since December 7, 2016 Care4Needs is registered as a foundation. We started our foundation out of love for our fellow human beings, animals and nature. We have seen beautiful things around the world. But we could not close our eyes for humans, animals and nature suffering. Care4Needs feels a connection with organizations and projects that are committed to establish an improvement for the above groups.

Searching for projects worldwide

Care4Needs wants to help these organizations and projects. It is our goal to visit small unknown good and social projects around the world. We will look for projects that address major problems in the country and try to make a difference concerning these problems. We hope to help these projects in caring for their needs.


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Our approach


Care4Needs wants to get a good impression of the goals and activities of the visited projects. Therefore we always want to help and observe the projects for a few days to get a good impression. While doing this, we will capture these days on film and make a short video of the project afterwards. We will use this video to create more attention and awareness for the project and the good work that is being done. The project can use the video to give other a good impression of what they are doing. Besides, this makes it easier to find local or national parties who are wishing to contribute. In addition to creating videos, we take actions to meet the needs of the projects we visited. An important detail is that we do not ask for money for our activities. Care4Needs want to do this purely to help the projects.




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Donate as a private individual


The success of Care4Needs depends largely on the contributions that we will receive. We need money to do our work and to accomplish our goals . Any contributions, help or ideas are welcome. We like to get in touch with people who appreciate our initiative and want to contribute. For every project we visit, we will make clear what their needs are. Some projects need volunteers for example while other projects only need donations. You are able to donate to a specific project that we visited or to Care4Needs as a foundation so that we can continue with visiting projects. Care4Needs is a public benefit organization (ANBI). That means that if you choose to donate to a specific project via Care4Needs, the money is going directly to that project without deduction of taxes.

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Donate as a company


In addition, we would like to get in touch with companies who want to contribute to something good. This can be done in different ways. By sponsorship or to "adopt" a project for a certain period. Do you want to know more about these possibilities, please contact us.

Read more about Care4Needs in our policy.


Details of the foundation


Board members

The duties and responsibilities of all board members of Care4Needs are described in the statutes and bylaws. No salaries are paid to board members of Care4Needs.

Redmar Gerlant Reitsema

  • Function: Chairman

Lychelle Danique van Bennekom

  • Function: Treasurer

Grieto Frederik Marten Beishuizen

  • Function: Secretary

Contact details

You can contact us through email: info@care4needs.com, the contact form on our website, our postal address, phone or through social media.

Email address



Slachthuisstraat 280
9713MR, Groningen


Lychelle van Bennekom: +31638424226
Redmar Reitsema: +31630151737

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