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Threats for Albinos

People with Albinism (PWA) in Tanzania are seriously threatened by various factors. Many are murdered to let witchdoctors make drinks from their skin and body parts because they think it makes them lucky or rich. Unfortunately, the number of murders even increases. In addition, PWA have no pigment which makes their skin hypersensitive to the sun. This can lead to severe burns. Other problems are discrimination and “silent killing”. Children with albinism are killed silently because some families think they are cursed.

Special centers for PWA

Albinos are therefore brought to crowded protectorates by their parents, in the hope that their children are safe there. Although the children receive care and education here, they can not live as a normal child. Inside The Same therefore takes children out of these protectorates and places them in healthy and safe centers where they can have a better life.













Sister Helena’s & Matumaini School

Inside The Same supports two places, Sister Helena’s help center in Lamadi and Matumaini school in Dar Es Salaam, financially but also by being actively involved. For example, they travel annually to these locations for support. They try to locate the parents of children to let them take responsibility for them. The children get education, shelter, healthcare and the love they need. In this way, they hope to create a place for them in the society.

Other activities

In addition to the financial support, there are other needs. For example, children are taken to hospital and given medication. They purchase food and sun protection for a longer period and they have built a well and a sanitary room. Inside The Same is informing people about albinism and how to deal with it. And perhaps even more important: there is time for fun activities that makes them feel like a child.







Our experiences

Before we traveled to Tanzania for Inside the Same, we heard the terrible threats that people with albinism face. Witchcraft, discrimination, severe burns (by the sun) and the idea that they are cursed. These stories were confirmed when we arrived in Dar Es Salaam at Matumaini, the Salvation Army's school for disabled children. Children are here for their safety because they literally fear for their lives. They informed us about the phenomenon of “silent killing” here. In rural areas, it is said that children with albinism "just disappear". In reality they are murdered by family members, people from the village or by witch doctors. Heartbreaking to hear that this is still happening nowadays.

At Sister Helena’s Helpcenter & Matumaini school they take good care of these children. We had seen albino children in Africa before, but the children who lived here looked significantly better. They have access to good basic needs and sun protection such as sunscreen, caps and sunglasses. In addition, the children are treated here like everyone else without discrimination. And most importantly, it is a safe place. Thanks to these good centers, they can grow up relatively normally and enjoy life without fear.

What do they need?

Donations & Volunteers

Inside The same wants to provide the children with good care so that they can live a “normal” life. And that is what these children deserve after everything they’ve already experienced. Therefore, volunteers and donations are needed. Would you like to help the children with albinism in Tanzania? Support them by donating via the form below or check the possibilities to volunteer on their website.


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