Family based child care

Tan-Kids is committed to help underprivileged children and families in Tanzania. They have developed a family based child care program, which consists of 6 different interventions. They work closely with local organizations to achieve this. But also to discuss the development of the children, their families and the projects of Tan-Kids.

Social and emotional development

The social-emotional development of the children is very important in the family based child care program. Annette Klijnsma, professional child and youth coach and also director of the foundation, gives training in social-emotional development and on how the child can be guided in a creative way. She gives this training to social workers and family coaches. They will visit and guide the families who are helped by this program. 












Other interventions

The school sponsor plan plays an important role. They ensure that the children in their program can go to school. Besides, they have a study area outside where children play music, play drama, get English lessons, and receive other learning activities. The children feel at home here and play and develop at the same time.


Our experiences

Visiting Tan-Kids was different than visiting other projects. They don’t have a project location and we spend most of our time visiting schools and families at home. Tan-Kids wants the children to grow up in a healthy and normal environment. A normal environment means living at home in a family, if the situation allows this. 

When a child in need is identified, a professional family coach will visit the family to do research about the child and his environment. Based on this, they decide what kind of intervention a family gets. A beautiful example of an intervention is the business training for families who have no or a low income. Two families we have visited have a fixed income now thanks to this training. A mother produces and sells chili sauce and earns about € 5 per day since she attended the business training. This sounds little but for Tanzanian standards this is a good salary. She can now buy a roof for her house and feels happy again. Full of pride and with a smile from ear to ear she showed us her bottles of 'piri piri' (chili sauce). Her children are going to school and she can invest in her future again. This training has a big impact on her life.

What do they need?


All the projects are financed with donations. They dependent completely on donors to continue and develop the projects. A big wish is to build a learning centre where theater, music, library, homework, English lessons, computer lessons etc. will be given. This is currently being done outdoors at the study area.

Do you want to support the children in Tanzania? Please donate via the donation form below.

Volunteers and organizations

Tan-kids is also looking for organizations or volunteers who want to help. Especially with finding sponsors or by organizing a sponsor event. If you want to help as a volunteer or organization, feel more than welcome to contact Tan-Kids.



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