WahPlaw Wildlife Watch is a local non-profit organization in Myanmar. WahPlaw is dedicated to conserve the biodiversity in the Kayin State. They focuse on the conservation of both, wildlife and the forest. Although, habitat loss and poachery are big problems in the whole of Asia, there are still some beautiful wild animals left in the forests of Myanmar. To avoid extinction of these animals, WahPlaw is undertaking action!

Tiger Conservation project

WahPlaw is now working on two conservation projects. One project is the Tiger Conservation Landscape Project in Southern Myanmar. With camera trapping, they survey the tiger population in this area and the possibility to conserve this area.

Even though they haven't tracked tigers yet on their camera, they tracked many other animals like the leopard on this photo.















White handed Gibbons

Another project is focused on conserving White handed Gibbons in the Kayin State. In this area, (only 50) white handed gibbons are living closely together with the local Karen people. The population is very small so something has to be done to avoid extinction of the White Handed Gibbons in this area.

Therefore, WahPlaw set up a reforestation program. Together with the villagers, they planted 1500 seedlings of gibbon friendly trees in this area and they started with esthablishing a corridor of trees. This corridor is twelve miles long and is connecting two villages. This path will make it possible for the gibbons to enter another forest.


Our experiences

With the permission of the village head, we visited this small village. We were warmly welcomed by the friendly Karen people who showed us around. They showed us the area were they just planted the 1500 seedlings. Later we joined a ceremony, organized for the start of the corridor project. Around 50 villagers started this day with the plantation of the corridor. It was impressing to see how they all work together on conserving the biosiversity. And we were deeply affected by the friendliness and hospitality. Even though, most of them are very poor, they gave us a hand made traditional shirt. We couldn’t imagine of bringing a nicer souvenir back home.

Donate to WahPlaw

WahPlaw is a very efficient local and small NGO so they can do a lot with a small amount of money. Do you want to help them financially with conserving the biodiversity in east and south Myanmar? Donate via the form below.

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