The village Peramiho

The foundation is named after the village 'Peramiho' in South Tanzania. In 2008, Monique worked here as a physiotherapist for two years. During her visit she was touched by the circumstances in which people live. People, including many children, died of illnesses where a simple treatment is sufficient in the Netherlands. This was the reason for Monique to set up the Peramiho foundation. The foundation have now set up various sustainable projects to help these people.

Education is the basis

According to Peramiho foundation, good education is the basis of self-reliance which starts at kindergarten. In 2010, Peramiho became acquainted with the Missionary Benedictine Sisters who wanted to build a kindergarten in a suburb of Songea. They decided to build a school together. In 2014, this school was opened where children can now invest in their future from an early age.











Clean drinking water

As education is the basis of self-reliance, clean and safe drinking water is the basis for good health. Many people in Tanzania do not have access to this basic need and are at risk of facing various illnesses. Therefore, Peramiho has built several water wells and a watertank in this area in cooperation with the local people. They are still good maintained without the support of Peramiho.


Medical facilities are poor in the country. Every year many women and babies die during childbirth. Something that can be prevented if the right medical facilities and maternity care are available. Peramiho is committed to the mother and the child. Recently, an operating room has been realized. In addition, women receive the care and information they need.













Watoto Kwanza

Peramiho also supported two leprosy villages and two orphanages. Over the years, Monique saw the disadvantages of growing up in an orphanage for the child. This was confirmed by 60 years of research showing that growing up in an orphanage can be very damaging for the child. Besides, 80% of the children in orphanages are not even orphans. That is why Peramiho has set up a new project: Watoto Kwanza (children first). They want to raise awareness about the negative effects of growing up in an orphanage, be an advocate for Family Based Care and place children in institutions back home.

Our experiences

Monique has given us a completely different insight about children growing up in orphanages. We had no idea that it could have so many negative effects on these children, even though the care in some orphanages is good. Children in orphanages miss something crucial, a family. And Monique wants to do something about this problem.  

She quit her job, lives temporarily in a village in South Tanzania to reach her goal. According to her and others, children have to grow up in orphanages and that's why she wants to place children in orphanages back home. Together with her we visited various organizations, the government and owners of orphanages. During these visits, she spoke about her insights and she already convinced many people of the importance of growing up in a family. Although Monique is still in the first phase of the new project, her ambitions are big and we think that together with other organizations she will make a difference for many children.

What do they need?


Do you want to support Peramiho foundation? This can be done by making a single donation via the form below. But you can also support them   structurally via the website of Peramiho. 


In addition, you can become active as a volunteer. Ask Peramiho about the possibilities as a volunteer.



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