August 24, 2018

Video production


How it all started..

C4N Production stands for Care4Needs Production. Thanks to making promotional videos with Care4Needs for small NGO's, we got a lot of experience in shooting and editing videos. This is where our passion for filming started and why we started making commercial videos as well. With our background in HR and Business Administration, we have a good mix to focus on making vacancy videos. There is currently a great demand for vacancy videos because of the need to distinguish yourself as an employer. In this way we take care of the needs of employers in finding employees and we give job seekers a clear picture of their future workplace.

Corporate Social Responsibility

In 2016, we started making promotional videos for small NGO's. Although small NGO's usually do not have the resources to make promotion video's, it is extremely important in fundraising and raising awareness.

So far, we have visited 10 countries and more than 25 foundations for which we have made a video. We developed our filming and editing skills. In addition, our interest in corporate social responsibility has increased. We believe that social involvement from businesses can and must increase. With this belief, we will take our social responsibility with C4N Production and our clients.

5% of our profit (C4N production) will be donated to Care4Needs. In this way the foundation can become more sustainable and depends less on sponsors and donors.