The start of Care4Needs

First destination: Philippines

Five weeks ago we, Redmar and Lychelle, booked a ticket to the Philippines. We didn’t want to make just an ordinary trip like we did before. This time, we wanted to give the country, people, and beautiful things we experience while traveling, something in return. In this blog we’ll describe the beginning of Care4Needs.

Why we started?

Everywhere in the world, people live in inconceivable conditions. There is only little attention for animal cruelty and taking responsibility for the environment is still done by just a few parties. However, there are some big and small parties focusing on making a difference for the above groups. We want to help them with making a difference via our own initiative: Care4Needs.


Mission Care4Needs

It is our mission to show the world these good and social projects and organizations and their needs. By capturing this, we want to care for and support their needs together with you. This care and support could be in terms of a higher level of awareness, donations, volunteers, products or any form of support they need. We want to share our experiences and the needs of these organizations and projects via video’s and blogs at our social media channels and website.

Before departure

Before our departure to the Philippines, we went looking for the most important issues in this country and initiatives motivated in improving certain circumstances. This turned out to be more difficult than we expected it would be. Most of the organizations in the Philippines are not as active online as we are. In addition, the internet connection is regularly down. As a result, the responses came quite late or not at all.

Few appointments

With only a few concrete appointments we flew to the Philippines on June 29th, 2016. One appointment was canceled and after a few phonecalls and emails we still had little response. We were concerned about this so we had to switch to another approach. Instead of mailing we decided to visit projects without an appointment. Later on, this turned our to be a better approach. Read more about this in on next blog.

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With care,

Redmar and Lychelle

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