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During a visit to Kenya in 2010, the founders (Bas and Lae-titia) of the Fahari Foundation met 16 orphans and were struck by the fact that these children were living in extreme poverty. They had no access to basic needs such as clean drinking water, good food, education etc. Most of them couldn't even go to school because they had to work.  Bas and Lae-titia wanted to do something for the children so they decided to set up the Fahari Foundation to sponsor these 16 children. Besides setting up a Dutch NGO, they've set up a local NGO called "Trots Foundation". Trots and Fahari are meaning "proud". Because they think that every child has the right to be proud of his or herself. 

Rescue center (Trots Foundation Center)

After sponsoring the children for a few years, the Fahari and Trots Foundation wanted to set up their own center for the children. In 2015 the rescue center (Tros Foundation Center) was opened. Here, they take care of 43 orphans and children from a one parent family where the parent is too sick or too poor to take care of their child. It is a beautiful center where they get basic needs like shelter, food and extra education.












Loving care

In addition to the basic needs, these children get a lot of love and care from the people involved in the Fahari and Trots Foundation. There is time to do fun things and to be a child. For example, they have time to play, dance, sing and the children perform acrobatics. Ultimately, the foundation hopes to develop the children in a loving way towards self-reliance.

Success of the foundation

At the moment (2018) 61 children are being helped by the Fahari and Trots Foundation. 43 children are living at the center and 18 children are joining high school. If children from the center are going to high school, there will be space in the center for other children in need of help. In this case, the foundation goes to different communities to search for these children. They've decided to help only one child per community because these children can have a positive impact on their community when going back. In this way, they hope to help different communities.








Our experiences

The Fahari (Trots) Foundation was the first foundation we visited during Care4Africa. We could not start our journey through Africa any better. We were warmly welcomed by the people involved in the project and all the children of Fahari. We sang, danced and we got hugs when we arrived.

Back to their roots

The second day we went with Bas, one of the founders, and Isaac to some houses of the children. The children lived in homemade clay houses that are not resistant to rain and do not have electricity. A place where children have almost no opportunities to escape from poverty. Fortunately for the children at Fahari, they these opportunity now.

Birthday party

Saturday there was a big party at the center! They celebrated the birthday of all children on this day. We were also invited to the party. We were very happy with this invitation because it was a beautiful day. There was a DJ and we all danced, sang, ate cake and laughed.


The laugh of one boy was very special, the one of Samson. This little boy arrived at Fahari two days before. He previously lived in a traditional Masai tribe. He had never seen things that are normal to us, such as a car, telephone or camera. He only spoke Masai and therefore had to get used to everything when he arrived at the center. But at the party we saw his first smile, which did not disappear that day. Because Samson made such an impression on us, we decided to sponsor him every month. We will never forget him and the other children and hope to see them again in the future!

What do they need?


To be able to help these children and to take care of them, donations are of great importance. In the future, they would like to build a sewing center. Here, they can make school uniforms for the children in the center and other children. With this sewing center, they hope to create more sustainability for the center. If you want to donate, you can do this via the donation form below.

Donor parents 

The costs to take care of one child at the center are €50 per month. You can become a donor parent. In this case, you can sponsor a specific child every month. You can choose the amount of money you would like to give every month. If you want to know more about being a donor parent, visit the website of Fahari.



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