May 14, 2017

Conservation Cambodia

Koh Rong

By coincidence we met Michael Walker on our weekend trip to Koh Rong. He told us about the project Conservation Cambodia, located at Koh Rong island. We had a busy schedule already in Cambodia but we decided to not miss the chance of visiting this beautiful project on one of the most beautiful islands of Southeast Asia. We decided to come back to Koh Rong three weeks later to see their work and to make a video.


Community development

Conservation Cambodia is a hands-on organization that focuses on Marine Conservation and Community Development programs for volunteers and interns located on the island of Koh Rong in Cambodia. The community development programs are aimed at making high-impact, sustainable changes in the village of Daem Thkov. From building vegetable gardens to supplement diets for the local children to building toilets and teaching English classes, all of the projects are individually selected based on needs and long term impact. It is all funded and built 100% by volunteers and interns.


Marine Conservation

The local village Daem Thkov once thrived on fishing. The natural habitat for most aquatic life around this part of the island however has been destroyed, in large part due to past dynamite fishing, illegal commercial fishing practices, improper rubbish disposal, and over-fishing of the area. That's why they began out a coral pod program. They take rubar pods and sand them down, coat them in epoxy, and deploy them underwater to create what is currently the largest artificial reef in Cambodia. After this volunteer season, there will be 500 pods placed just around the bend from the village, off of the beautiful Coconut Beach. 


Become a volunteer or intern!

All of this is made possible through their volunteer and internship programs. Both can come for as short a time as two weeks, or as long as 6+ months. They’ve had interns come through and study the artificial reef, endangered aquatic life around the island, and compare it to some of the remaining natural reefs. They’ve had both volunteers and interns from a variety of background such as education, engineering, psychology, marine conservation and more.

Costs for volunteers and interns

The costs vary depending on whether diving is something a volunteer or intern would want to do. All the (low) prices are inclusive of: all meals, accommodation, drinking water, diving (if you choose to do so), all project materials, and a Volunteer Coordinator. He will be with you 24/7 to show you the ropes, help assimilate you into the local culture, and make sure your work is as efficient and helpful as possible. 

Why Conservation Cambodia?

Conservation Cambodia is not only one of the cheapest volunteer choices in the world, but it is committed 100% on sustainable, local impacts. You’re living in a small village in a nice guesthouse which is only 10 minutes walk to one of the most beautiful beaches (Coconut beach) of Southeast Asia. All the staff members will make sure you have an unforgettable time. They are completely committed to making a difference to this beloved community and it's only possible through volunteers and interns.

Contact us!

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