June 27, 2017

Child Surgery Vietnam

Child Surgery Vietnam & Center II

Where Child Surgery Vietnam takes care of financing the entire project, the operational part is in the hands of Center II, headed by An. An develops and organizes the whole plan every year, has contact with local parties and knows the right and efficient way to work on a local level. 

Most remote areas

Together with Jo Koster, An and two teams we traveled to the most remote areas in North Vietnam last month. We drove thousands of kilometers to reach the small villages where people still wear traditional clothes and live under very basic circumstances. These areas have little or no access to medical care.













Screening weeks

Two mobile teams separately screen different districts in one province week by week to find children who need a surgery. Together with them we visited a lot of districts to screen children. Per screening in one district there were usually about 50 children with a variety of disabilities. They were observed by the specialized team and An. Subsequently, they decided whether the children could be operated. If this was not the case, they were redirected to other organizations who are able to give these children the help they need.

Operation weeks

After weeks of screening in dozens of districts, the operation weeks started. The districts were divided again over two teams who visit the areas to help and train the local hospitals with the operations. In one week the two teams work for days to operate all the children in that province. It's a huge operation where everyone is committed to make a big difference for hundreds of children. Every year again. We have a lot of respect and admiration for what they reach each year!








A new experience for us!

We have never experienced another culture so intense as here so far. It was very special to join some of the screening and operation weeks together with Child Surgery Vietnam and Center II. They let us participate in the whole process and we enjoyed the wonderful nature during our long trips through the mountains. We are very grateful to had this experience. There is so much more to talk about the project! Do you want to know more? Watch the video on top of the page.

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