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On day two of our program, RARE took us to Manjuyod, a village located near the Tañon Strait where many people owe their income to this area. RARE (an NGO) is implementing the program "Fish Forever" in the Tañon Strait. With this program they stimulate sustainable fishing and they are trying to implement this through all levels of society. They help the fishermen with ways to fish in a sustainably way and to look for alternative livelihoods. For example, the tourism sector is designated as an alternative source of income.


RARE - Tañon Strait


sandbank Tañon Strait


Evaluation of the program Fishforever

We were first received by the mayor who gave us information about Manjuyod and it’s beautiful sandbank. After this we went on a boat to spot dolphins. We were very lucky to spot the dolphins again. A perfect start of our second day! In the afternoon we had a lunch at the beautiful sandbank close to Manjuyod. This was also the destination for an evaluation meeting between RARE, the mayor, fishermen and project managers. One of the things they discussed was how the intervention of RARE was experienced by those who are involved, what is good and what is not good about their intervention, and how they can improve the program “Fishforever”.

RARE listened to the locals and other stakeholders at various levels and is planning to work on the outcome of this intervention. In general, their opinions about the intervention of RARE were positive, and the locals support the plan 'Fish Forever' to promote sustainable fisheries in the area.


Volunteer or work for RARE

RARE and the Biodiversity Management Bureau are on track to bring the biodiversity and sustainable fishing in the Tañon Strait to the next level. However, the sources to reach this outcome are scare. For example, they need products such as patrol boats to monitor the area every day to prevent illegal fishing and money to pay employees who take care of this job.

In addition, RARE needs volunteers who are interested in supporting and protecting livelihoods in coastal communities. If you are interested in volunteering or working for RARE, please contact RARE:




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