March 25, 2017

Sumatra Volunteer


Sumatra Volunteer is a small project run by Husen. This young and inspirational man, comes from a poor family in Sumatra. He lived in Bali for a few years, had many new experiences here and he learned English. In 2014 he came back to Sumatra to share his experiences and English with the children in Sumatra. And so he did and is still doing with his project, Sumatra Volunteer. With passion, Husen puts a lot of effort in his project, has no other job and no salary. So we decided to visit his project and made a video of the project for him.




Teaching english

Art and culture program

About Sumatra Volunteer

Sumatra Volunteer is a non-profit organization, located in Sumatra, Indonesia. Sumatra Volunteer runs different programs in the rural area of Batusangkar. The most important project is teaching English. The young children in this area do not get English lesson at elementary school. This is because English is not in the curriculum and the families are poor in this area, so there is no money for additional English lessons. If these children are going to high school, they are far behind in English comparing to children from other areas. This makes it difficult to keep up with their level of education in English. Luckily, the children are very motivated to learn, even though they have to walk an hour to get English lesson.

Besides teaching English, Sumatra volunteer supports an Arts and Culture program at another school. This program started because the awareness of the original culture and art under youth is lacking nowadays. The program consists of making music, dancing and playing drama. Other programs of Sumatra Volunteer focusses on informing the youth and their parents about health and environment.


The goal of Sumatra Volunteer

Husen has a strong personal motivation to start and to continue Sumatra Volunteer. He wants to give the children from the poor villages the same chances and experiences as he had in Bali. He wants them to learn English so they have fair and the same chances as children from richer families. He wants them to have a brighter future. 

Need for volunteers and donations

Currently, Husen is running his project with Stefan, a foreign volunteer and they are supported by some local volunteers in teaching English. They already had a few donations to buy educational supplies. The locations where Sumatra Volunteer gives the English lessons are free to use. However, these buildings are small and not resistant to bad weather conditions. The plan for the future is to set up a proper educational center, focused on different fields and activities. To reach this goal, they need more foreign and local volunteers and donations. 

Do you want to become a volunteer? Contact us via or contactform or contact Sumatra Volunteer by mailing to


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