September 29, 2016

National Children’s Hospital

About the National Children's Hospital

The National Children's Hospital (NCH) is a children hospital located in Quezon City, Manila. The NCH is partly funded by the government and to a large extent funded through donations.

In the Philippines, not everyone has a health insurance. Besides, many costs are not covered within this insurance. Subsequently, many health costs must be paid by the people themselves. Many families can not afford this.

Most children treated at the NCH are children whose parents have less or no money for their medical expenses. The National Children's Hospital is founded to make sure that the poor children can get the care they need.




Renovation National Children's Hospital

Renovation of the NCH

The hospital has space to accommodate approximately 200 children per day. Because Quezon City has a population of more than 3 million people, the hospital is often overcrowded. The rooms are full, small, hot, not very hygienic and the equipment is old or not even present. A positive thing is that a new hospital is being built behind the existing building.

Meanwhile a number of levels of the new building are finished and some new products are already purchased. However, there is not yet enough money to complete the renovation. They are waiting for donations from individuals, organizations and government. Every time they receive some money it is going to the construction of the new hospital, equipment or the care of the patients.