April 16, 2017

New Futures Organisation

Orphanage in Takéo

New Futures Organisation started in 2008 as an orphanage located in Takéo, a province in Cambodia. The goal of NFO is to create a pathway out of poverty through education for children and youth in Takéo. Unfortunately, the orphanage had to close down in 2013 when the founder/director passed away. However, this leaded to the opening of a day-to-day care & volunteer centre. Most of the children in the orphanage were send back to family, relatives or to governmental orphanages. The ones who did not have a place to go, became permanent residents of the day-to-day care centre. In 2016, the older kids (former permanent residents) got their own private rooms, close to the day-to-day care. 













Supporting education for former orphans

Most of the former orphans, had the possibility to take extra lessons at high school and went university thanks to NFO. This is very important because the educational system in Cambodia is not very good. The children at primary school don’t get English lessons. The problem at high school is that the salary of the teacher is very low and so is the quality of the lessons. If the students want proper lessons, they have to pay for extra (good) lessons. NFO pays for these extra lessons. After high school they have the possibility to go to university if NFO finds them a sponsor. Since 2013, already 11 students graduated from university, thanks to the scholarships provided bij NFO.

Five rural village schools

NFO built 5 rural village schools in the Takéo province. In these village schools the children receive additional classes in English, mathematics, Khmer language and they organize one environmental day every month. Since the closure of the orphanage in 2013 they brought the education to the children with these village schools, instead of taking the children out of their village to get education at the orphanage, which is a good thing. Currently, almost 600 kids are attending to these classes. This is a good opportunity to get a good job in the future.








How to help New Futures Organisation?


The first thing NFO needs are volunteers. As a volunteer you will help the teacher with preparing and giving English lessons and you will help the students during these lessons. Volunteers are very important for the teachers because they can help to increase their level of English. As a volunteer, you only have to pay for your accommodation and food and not to do the voluntary work. The minimum stay of volunteers is 2 weeks.


The most important thing to make sure that the kids can go to school are donations. NFO offers different ways to donate. 

  • At first you can donate monthly to make sure they can deliver care packages with just the basic things they need each month. Beside monthly donations, they are also very happy with single donations.
  • You can sponsor a child for less than US$1 a day and they have the opportunity to sponsor a class at one of the village schools. 
  • The last option is to sponsor the scholarship for one child who wants to go to university. Going to university is expensive and these families can't afford this. Going to university is probably the only chance to get a brighter future.

If you want to donate, you can donate via the form below. If you want to have more information about donating to NFO. You can read more on the website of NFO or contact them. 

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