April 22, 2017

Beetje Beter foundation


Slums at the dump site

Beetje Beter operates in two different slums in Phnom Penh. These slums are home to many poor families, living at or near a previously active garbage dump. The families work here to sort rubbish and search for recyclable rubbish. Some young children are helping their parents with collecting rubbish after school. Beetje Beter has two learning centers within these areas where children get free additional education next to their regular school. By doing this, Beetje Beter wants to achieve that these children can go to school instead of working on the dump. Due to this, the families will have a lower income so Beetje Beter is giving them rice to compensate.

Learning Centers SBB1 & SBB2

At the two learning centers of Beetje Beter, SBB1 and SBB2, the children get English lessons, computer classes and are informed about hygiene and health. They can also use their library. The children are divided into four classes/levels, level A, B, C and D. The children in level D are learning the basics of English. If their level of English is improving, they will go to a higher level and eventually move up to level A. This is the highest level, where children are getting English until they go to university.











Who are doing the work?

The Beetje Beter Foundation is run by volunteers in the Netherlands. The work in Cambodia is since the establishment run by project coordinator Kimlay Lim. The children in Cambodia are taught by local teachers who are managed by an education coordinator. During the lessons they are supported by volunteers and interns.

Help Beetje Beter

Become a volunteer

Beetje Beter works continuously with volunteers and interns. As a volunteer and intern you will support the local staff in teaching English and with computer lessons. Thanks to this, these children get the opportunity for a better future because it is likely to get a better job if they speak English.

You can volunteer for a minimum period of two weeks. Are you interested to support these children in their way to a brighter future? Please contact us or contact Voluntoura.

Become a sponsor

Did you become enthusiastic about this story and the Beetje Beter foundation? Become a donor and help them to give a child education. You can make single and monthly donations. You can make a single donation via the donation form below. You can also donate directly to Beetje Beter Foundation via their website. Here, you are able so make monthly donations.

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